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Checking selfie in Copenhagen

Hi, I’m Bidish, a budget travel blogger in Europe from the beautiful country of Nepal!

Coming to Germany for my Master’s degree offered me an opportunity to travel Europe. As soon as I was in Germany and found out about Ryanair, Flixbus, and all the budget travel techniques, I started to travel. I was excited how I was just a decision away from visiting the places I had long dreamt of. With nothing to bind me, I started traveling. First, to Berlin, then Rome, Florence, Malmo, Venice, Prague, and I just kept going. In the 2 years that followed, I traveled to 16 countries and many cities.

I am starting this blog with a goal to share the knowledge I have gained and continue to gain in my extensive travel journey. It will include guides on city trips, hiking routes, budgeting ideas, and more.

And occasionally, I will write about my beautiful country. As I explore the destinations in Europe, I know there are as many destinations in Nepal that I have not yet explored. As I look to discover more of the world, I will also make sure to go back and visit as many places of my beloved country as possible and share the journey with you all.

To talk about myself, I think I loved the idea of traveling to places long before I remembered. I was always fascinated with the wonderful stories that took place all around the world. I always found myself inclined to visit the places that I’d looked for in an Atlas, read about in books, or watched and heard about in movies.

While I love meeting people, I don’t always have the social ease to meet and talk to new people. Some days, I just go to sleep smiling over a short conversation I exchanged with a cheerful waiter in a restaurant. My social skills while traveling improved with time, but I am nowhere near the classic traveler you see in movies. I would still be lonely and shy. But the fact that I’d be lonely or shy in a new place, walking the new streets, and listening to my travel playlist is what satisfies my travel cravings.

So, here’s to a new beginning. I hope to make my blog interesting and informative with destination guides, people and stories, and sharing everything I have gathered in the most fun way possible. Let’s go! : )

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