bidish acharya travel blogger from nepal
Checking selfie in Copenhagen

Hi, I’m Bidish, a travel blogger from the beautiful country of Nepal!

I finally took up the thing most of my friends suggested I do, BLOGGING!

Coming to Germany for my Master’s degree offered me an opportunity to travel Europe. As soon as I was in Germany and found out about Ryanair, Flixbus, and all the budget travel techniques, I started to travel. I was excited how I was just a decision away from visiting the places I had long dreamt of. With nothing to bind me, I started traveling. First, to Berlin, then Rome, Florence, Malmo, Venice, Prague, and I just kept going. In the 2 years that followed, I traveled to 14 countries and many cities.

I am starting this blog with a goal to share the knowledge I have gained and continue to gain in my extensive travel journey. It will include guides on city trips, hiking routes, budgeting ideas, and more. My only motive is to create content that is of value to you, and I will continue to do so with all the experiences I’ve gathered.

And occasionally, I will write about my beautiful country. As I explore the destinations in Europe, I know there are as many destinations in Nepal that I have not yet explored. As I look to discover more of the world, I will also make sure to go back and visit as many places of my beloved country as possible and share the journey with you all.

Now the part that I love and also dread the most: to talk about myself. I think I loved the idea of traveling to places long before I remembered. I was always fascinated with the wonderful stories that took place all around the world. I always found myself inclined to visit the places that I’d looked for in an Atlas, read about in books, or watched and heard about in movies.

I am not a charming or an exciting traveler. Some days, I just go to sleep smiling over a short conversation I exchanged with a cheerful waiter in a restaurant. My social skills while traveling improved with time, but I am nowhere near the classic traveler you see in movies or read in books. I would still be lonely and shy. But the fact that I’d be lonely or shy in a new place, walking the new streets, and listening to my travel playlist is what satisfies my travel cravings.

So, here’s to a new beginning. I hope to make my blog interesting and informative with destination guides, people and stories, and sharing everything I have gathered in the most fun way possible. Let’s go! : )

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