10 Best Things to Do in Prague in Four Days

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Princess Libuše is a legendary ancestor of the Czech people as a whole. It is told that she foresaw the glory of Prague with a vision: 

I see a vast city, whose glory will touch the stars! I see a place in the middle of a forest where a steep cliff rises above the Vltava River. There is a man, who is chiselling the threshold (prah) for the house. A castle named Prague (Praha) will be built there. Just as the princes and the dukes stoop in front of a threshold, they will bow to the castle and to the city around it. It will be honoured, favoured with great repute, and praise will be bestowed upon it by the entire world.

Prague; it is as beautiful as its name, as melodious as its tone, and vibes with you so strongly that you can’t forget your trip to this ancient city, ever. As the capital of Czech Republic and with some strong Bohemian history, you can’t help but appreciate the human achievements that helped to build this amazing city. 

There are a number of awesome things to do in Prague, let’s take a look:

Walk over the Charles Bridge, multiple times

Charles Bridge is the main attraction of Prague. It is built with black cobblestones and took around a century to be fully built. The construction had started during the reign of Prince Charles but he could not live to see the bridge. So, the bridge has been named “Charles Bridge” in his memory since 1870. Walking across the Charles Bridge during the day and night and taking tons of photos is a true highlight of a trip to Prague. 🤩

Explore the Old Town

The Prague old town can be reached in 10 minutes of walk from the Charles Bridge. The square is really beautiful with awesome architecture and statues all around. One notable sight in this old town square is the Astronomical clock.

Astronomical clock is a beautiful clock designed with great details. It is the oldest astronomical clock still in use today. It is said that the architect who built this clock was blinded by the old town councilors because they feared that he would create something like this in another city, making Prague’s clock less unique.

Hunt the rooftop views

When I think of Prague, I still think of the amazing rooftop views that I got to enjoy. Trip to Prague is never complete without seeing the amazing red-colored rooftops of Prague. Below are the list of amazing viewpoints that will mesmerize you.

Petrin Tower

Taking a funicular up to the Petrin hill is an important highlight of Prague. The two-way tickets cost 120 CZK or ~5 Euros per person. If you buy a 3-day public transport ticket, you do not have to buy an extra ticket for the funicular.

The funicular will take you up the hill where the Petrin lookout tower is located. The entrance of Petrin lookout tower is 150 CZK or ~6 Euros per person. The top of the tower offers breathtaking views of Prague. You can see the Charles bridge, the Prague castle and the amazing colored roofs of the city.

Please note that there is a reduced student ticket for all of the attractions mentioned in this document. You could inquire while buying the ticket and make sure to carry your student id cards.

Stone Bridge Tower

Stone bridge tower is another beautiful rooftop point in Prague. It is located at the end of the Charles bridge (on the way to Old town square). You can see a small sales office while walking through the tower. There, you can get a ticket for 150 CZK per person. From the top of the tower, you can see a postcard view of Charles bridge and the Prague castle. Check here for the opening hours. Please note that the entry is closed 30 minutes before the closing time.

Powder Tower

Another beautiful tower view in Prague. The view of the church looks magical from this tower. Also, it is comparatively less crowded than the other towers so you can enjoy some silent time with yourself or your loved ones. The standard ticket price is 90 CZK per person. Check here for the opening hours.

Gardens below the Prague castle

Yes, that’s the exact name – don’t get confused like I did. 😀 It offers beautiful close-range views of Prague rooftops. Go all the way to the top of the garden while enjoying the view at every step. The standard ticket price is ~100 CZK per person. It is totally worth it!

Hotel Teressa U Prince

Located in the heart of Old town, Hotel Teressa U Prince is known as the most instagrammable place in Prague. It offers a good view of the old town from its rooftop restaurant. You could visit to scan the crowd and possibly take a coffee with the stunning old town square view.

Take a free walking tour

New Europe and Few Tours by Foot are two great options for a great free walking tour. The tour takes around 2-3 hours and you can understand the history of Prague. Take the tour around Old town and Charles bridge as it covers almost all of the major areas of the city. I believe it is an amazing way to know about the city and meet new people. Make sure to tip what you’re comfortable at the end. I tip around 10-15 Euros during my tours.

Eat a lot of Trdelník

If I have one regret from my trip to Prague, it is not eating enough of Trdelník. Enjoy it as much as you want. It is prepared from rolled dough which is grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix. You could enjoy it in various flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Pista, Strawberry, and lots more. My advice: go for Pista and Chocolate for the first two.

Visit the Prague castle

Prague castle is one of the most historic places of Prague. It was built in the 9th century and is currently the official residence of the President of Czech Republic. You can enter the castle area free of cost but you will require tickets to enter inside the castle. 

Important advice: Make sure to reach the Prague castle early at 9 AM to avoid the crowd. Afternoon visits can lead to wasted time in queues and crowd photo bombings on your pictures.

Explore the Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas square is the most lively part of Prague with shopping malls (if you suddenly need a new outfit, you know where to go 😉 ), restaurants, clubs and hotels lining its long main avenue. Many traditional events happened there and it is the major venue for any public gathering, demonstrations, and celebrations. It is mostly famous for its Christmas market.

Take trams and enjoy its beauty

I have never loved the trams as much as I’ve loved the trams of Prague. It could be because it runs in beautiful cobblestone streets with ancient buildings everywhere you look. You will enjoy the tram view as well from the outside as you will from the inside.

Visit the Manifesto market

things to do in prague manifesto market

Manifesto market offers a unique place to hang out. I visited the market at last with no expectations, it turned out to be one of the must visits while in Prague. You can see people hanging out, dancing, partying, and the vibe of the market urges you to stay. It offers street foods from different parts of the world. While I was there, I could enjoy local foods of Thailand, Brazil, and a brilliant sea-food platter from Greece. It is an amazing place to go for dinner as the party vibes kick in in the evening.

Visit the John Lennon wall

One of the cult beauties of Prague. If you visit there in the daytime, you could possibly find someone singing John Lennon’s songs and enjoy the vibe. The paintings on the wall are beautiful as well. Reaching there only takes 10 minutes from the Charles Bridge.


Getting around Prague is pretty comfortable with trams. There are night trams as well but relatively infrequent. You could buy tickets directly from your phone and use it for 72 hours. Do not forget to validate it before using.

You can download the PID Lítačka app from the playstore / appstore to buy the tickets. You could buy a day ticket for 120 CZK (~5 Euros) or a 3-day ticket for 330 CZK (~14 Euros). With a 3-day ticket you can also ride the funicular so I think that’d be a good option. But, feel free to check the app with a variety of ticket options and choose the one that works for you.

While the PID Lítačka app also offers navigation, it is difficult because of all the Czech names. I suggest using the good old google maps to navigate around the city. It is pretty accurate with the tram and bus connections. And also for walks.


Prague offers various local foods that you should definitely try. The prices of food in Czech are affordable. A good and full meal for two people in a nice restaurant would be around 15-25 Euros.

One dish that I tried, loved and actually remember 😅 is Goulash. Goulash is a soup-rich meat curry that is served with bread. The goulash is made with beef meat and also pork meat so you can inquire while ordering. I can vouch for it, it is really delicious. Furthermore, you should definitely visit Lokal restaurant, which is popular as the “most authentic Czech cuisine in Prague”. It is always crowded so make sure you reserve here before the trip.


I love traveling and I love writing about it. It's my sincere hope that through my content, you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your own travels. :)

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