The Ultimate Europe Bucket List: 100 Travel Experiences for 2024

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Are you motivated to make 2024 your best year yet? Do you wish to create unforgettable travel experiences in Europe? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I have curated 100 ultimate Europe bucket list ideas that will help you explore Europe to the fullest.

Not many of us create a bucket list. However, off the top of our heads, I’m sure we can list 10 things that we absolutely want to experience. If we dig deeper, we might even be able to list 100. But as years go by, when we look back, we still haven’t experienced most of those.

“Life happens”, we say. And then, life happens again.

Bucket lists are an interesting way to set goals, to remind ourselves if we fall too behind and to reward ourselves every time we cross one of those things off. Generally speaking, bucket list items are something that gives us a great sense of completion when we do it. Like, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or Drinking beers at Oktoberfest.

In this article, I share 100 such exciting travel experiences in Europe, some of which you can put on your own bucket list. If you want the printable version of this list, send me a message at @milesofmylife on Instagram. I will send it back to you at the earliest.

100 Europe Bucket List Ideas

1. Enjoy a romantic Valentine’s day with your partner in Paris

2. See the famous painting of Mona Lisa at Louvre Museum

3. See the Tulips garden in Amsterdam

4. Take a cruise trip in the French riviera

5. Go skydiving in Seville, Spain

6. Explore the Scottish highlands

7. Hike in the Black Forest

8. Go on a road-trip in Ireland

9. Visit the original Irish pubs in Ireland and drink a lot of beers

10. Watch Rhein in Flammen from any Rhine city /town in Germany

Rhein in Flammen in Koblenz, 2022

Every year, the cities and towns along the River Rhine witness one of the most spectacular firework celebrations. It’s named Rhein in Flammen (Rhine in Flames, in English).

I had the chance to experience the event in the years 2022 and 2023 in Koblenz. The fireworks, in different colors and patterns, fly over the Rhine River for about 45 minutes, and I must say that it is spectacular. Besides the fireworks, this is also the time when the entire city comes together to celebrate. There will be many food stalls, beer stalls, and concerts to keep the people entertained as a preparation for the main event.

It generally takes place in the summer and is a series of events that happen in the cities along the Rhine River in Germany. Some cities include Koblenz, Oberwesel, Bonn, Rüdesheim. Check the Rhein in Flammen website to check for the 2024 dates.

11. Attend the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

12. Experience the nightlife in Berlin

13. Eat the original Neapolitan pizza in Napoli

14. Bike along the Rhine or Mosel river

15. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

16. Explore the Alfama neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal

europe bucket lis alfama lisbon
View from Alfama neighborhood, Lisbon, 2022

17. Spend a leisurely day exploring the Hackescher markt and Museum island in Berlin

It is one of the great things to do in Berlin. There is something in Berlin that vibes with you so strongly. I saw an ad in Berlin with a slogan that said something like, “Berlin has everything but you,” and I couldn’t agree more.

In the multiple trips I have made to Berlin, I never fail to visit the Hackescher Markt and Museum Island, most likely taking a walk between the places. Snacking on foods sold in various stalls in the market, picnicking along the banks of the Spree River overlooking the majestic Berliner Dom, and admiring the street singers while leisurely spending the day; I would make Berlin a top priority if I were you.

18. Watch Pope give a speech at Vatican City

19. Watch a Euro Cup 2024 football match in Germany

20. Go hiking in the Swiss Alps

21. Climb the highest European mountain, Mt. le Blanc

22. Watch a home league match of your favorite football club in Europe

RB Leipzig vs. Liverpool, Red Bull Arena, 2022

Being a long-time Liverpool fan, watching Liverpool play at Anfield is probably one of the first bucket list items I’ve etched into my list. And if you are a football fan, I’m sure you have yours too.

I had a chance to see Liverpool play a friendly match in Leipzig in 2022. It was great, but I’m sure it won’t match the experience of watching a competitive Premier League match at Liverpool’s own home ground. Now that I live in Germany, what was once a silly boyhood dream seems very practical.

23. Visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible

In Europe, there are 400+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each providing an interesting outlook and history. The sites are normally divided into various categories, namely, natural sites, archaeological sites, mixed sites, and more.

While some of the sites deserve to be independent items on this bucket list, you could also discover and find sites on your own to explore. From my experience so far, a UNESCO World Heritage Site never disappoints.

24. Go on a workcation

Workcation is one of the unique opportunities for people working in Europe. Many companies nowadays offer at least one month of workcation (in addition to the vacations) a year, where employees can work from anywhere in Europe.

This is an exciting prospect, and people have a variety of options to choose from. Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, any beach in Greece, you name it. There are all kinds of places to suit your specific needs.

25. Kayak in a river or a lake

26. Explore the natural beauty of Bavaria, Germany

A landscape I will never forget. Bavaria, Germany, 2023

27. Be a tourist in your own city or town

Dedicating some money and going about exploring the city or town you live in can be one of the most exciting things to do. Sure, you may not live in the magical cities like Venice, Prague, or Lisbon, but I’m sure the city you live in also attracts some tourists nonetheless. It may have its own history that is appealing to visitors.

You will really be amazed at the interesting things that you will find. And you come back with a better understanding and appreciation of the place you live in.

28. Go on a solo Europe backpacking trip

29. Run a 5K, 10K, half, or a full marathon in any European city

30. Take a train ride through the Swiss-Alps

31. Visit the fairytale town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

32. Visit Dubrovnik and see the shooting locations of Game of Thrones

33. Walk along the Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall is one of the major European historical landmarks that still attracts visitors from all over the world.

Walking along the ruins of the wall in its present condition, it is shocking to realize how people on each side of the wall had completely different lives just some 50 years ago. There are also records that you can read and observe at the memorial site.

34. Eat a Trdelnik in Prague

35. Ride the Hogwarts Express in Scotland

36. Explore the ancient history in Athens, Greece

37. Feast on waffles and chocolates in Belgium

38. Eat tapas in Spain

39. Take a tour of the Colosseum in Rome, one of the current 7 wonders of the world

europe bucket list colosseum rome
The majestic Colosseum in Rome, 2021

40. Go on a romantic holiday to the Amalfi Coast in Italy

41. Take a train ride to enjoy the scenic views along the Rhine river

You can take a train, preferably RB 26, that runs from Mainz to Cologne. With breathtaking views of small towns along the river, this train ride lasts for almost 2 hours and provides one of the most beautiful train views in Germany. The train runs along the beautiful towns of Boppard, Bacharach, Oberwesel, St. Goar, and offers scenic natural landscapes along the way. 

Alternatively, you can also take the VIA RB10, running from Neuwied to Wiesbaden, which runs on the other side of the river and offers equally beautiful views.

42. Go camping near a river or a lake

43. Stay in a beach house for a week

44. Experience the vibrant energy of Istanbul

45. Visit the baths in Budapest

46. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece

47. Explore the beauty of Montenegro

48. Enjoy a weekend in Albania’s beachside

49. Get a beer bachelor’s certificate in Germany

Do you want to obtain a certificate for your passion for drinking beer? Then, this challenge might be interesting for you.

In many cities and at participating locations in Germany, you can get a Beer Bachelor’s certificate if you are able to drink beers from 10 locations in a maximum of 5 hours. You need to collect stamps from each participating location where you drink your beer. You will graduate and get the certificate when you are able to do so at your 10th location. Check their website for more information.

Note: Do understand your body first before going forward with this challenge. I love beers but I know my prime binge drinking time is behind me so I skipped this idea.

50. Do a pub crawl in London

51. Hike the path of the Gods in Amalfi Coast, Italy

52. Take a Gondola ride through Venice canals

53. Feast on the original Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest region

54. Try a new adventure activity (skiing, via ferrata, snowboarding, surfing) anywhere in Europe

55. Hike in Serbia

56. Tour the castles of Romania

57. Ride a Vespa through Tuscany

58. Visit Armenia and embrace the Armenian culture

59. Celebrate your birthday in another country

60. Drink Beer in the Hofbrauhaus, Munich

This is not Oktoberfest, but it is still one of the best experiences to have in Germany. The energy of the Brauhaus is so alive, and people enjoy themselves to the fullest with music, claps, and drumming on the tables in unison. Every once in a while, you can see the antics of some people, like someone climbing onto the table and chugging his or her glass of beer in one shot, or a group of people coming together and dancing in the hallway.

Needless to say, the beers are one of the best. Get yourself some beer in the fascinating 1-liter beer glass and enjoy your evening.

61. Explore the Plitvices Lake National Park in Croatia

62. Fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

63. Go on a Douro valley wine tour in Porto, Portugal

64. Hike in Madeira, Portugal

65. Enjoy the legal substances in Amsterdam

66. Hike the complete Camino de Santiago trail in Spain

67. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

68. Hike the entire country of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a small and beautiful country, bordered by Austria and Switzerland, with nature itself as its biggest tourist appeal.

It is possible to hike the entire country of Liechtenstein by following the Liechtenstein Trail. The hike covers the path of its entire 11 municipalities and offers breathtaking views to its visitors. It promises to be a hiker’s paradise.

69. Tour one of the medieval castles in Europe

70. Step into Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

71. Try Paella at Valencia

72. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

I hadn’t even known about or heard of the Northern Lights before coming to Europe until my friend told me about them. Given how expensive it is to pursue an adventure like this, I’m in no hurry to add this to my already long bucket list that constantly gives me FOMO, but I’d surely love to see them one day.

It is said that 2024 may witness one of the best Aurora Borealis in decades so this year can probably be your best bet in planning for and seeing the Northern Lights.

73. Visit the European Christmas markets

Europe turns into something completely magical during the Christmas season. It’s a beautiful sight to see and feel; all the cities decorate themselves with traditional huts where vendors try to sell, people joyously stroll the streets with their friends and families, and Christmas lights shine all around. No matter how dark the winter times are, you can find happiness by immersing yourself in the Christmas markets; that’s the truth.

Checking off all the remarkable Christmas markets in Europe is in itself a different bucket list. Some notable mentions include Strasbourg, Colmar, Dresden, Prague, Nuremberg, Cologne, amongst many others.

74. Visit the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam

75. Explore the Viking ship museum in Oslo

76. Go for a hike in Norway

77. Hike the Caucasus in Georgia

78. See the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

79. Ride a roller coaster in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

80. Experience the Kölner Dom at night

europe bucket list Kölner Dom
Kölner Dom and Hohenzollern Bridge, 2021

81. Go hiking in Austria

82. Attend the carnival in Venice

83. Hunt for rooftop views in Prague

A trip to Prague is never complete without seeing the amazing rooftop views. There are tons of rooftop locations in Prague, each with its own beauty that keeps the viewer awestruck. One of the reasons is the medieval feel of the city. The amazing red-colored rooftops, the Vltava River, and majestic churches all over the old town provide an incredible backdrop.

The Stone Bridge Tower near Charles Bridge offers one of the most beautiful views, and I highly recommend you see it.

84. Explore the majestic beauty of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

85. Visit Santa’s village in Finland

86. Do a road trip in Iceland

87. Stroll along the Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge (Karlův Most, in Czech) is one of the main attractions of Prague, and the whole of Europe. The construction started during the reign of Prince Charles, but he did not live to see its completion as it took almost a century to be fully built. 

Walking along the bridge feels historic and touristic during the daytime, majestic in the evening lights, and completely medieval and mystical in the mornings. It is one of my favorite places that I have been to in Europe.

europe bucket list charles bridge
Charles Bridge, 2022

88. Visit Azerbaijan and learn about its amazing history and culture

89. Take a calm vacation to the undisturbed nature of Slovenia

90. Hike in Luxembourg during the Autumn season

91. Visit the timeless majesty of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France

92. Enjoy the river cruises and romantic castles in the Rhine valley

93. Hike in the majestic Dolomites in Italy

94. Explore the beach life in Azores, Portugal

95. Take a cruise along the Norwegian Fjords

96. Explore the medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia

97. Explore the historic city of Valletta in Malta

98. Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

99. Explore the beaches in Split valley, Croatia

100. Visit the medieval city of Gdansk in Poland

Below are some of the posts I’ve written previously with practical guides and tips to help you plan your trip to Europe.

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We spend our childhood romanticizing and planning to visit these amazing places, but when we are adults and able to take action, we put them off.

We put them off because the time is not right.

We put them off because we don’t have enough money.

I hope 2024 provides the right time and right situations for you all to venture into some items in this ultimate Europe Bucket list and create unforgettable memories in Europe.


I love traveling and I love writing about it. It's my sincere hope that through my content, you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your own travels. :)

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