8 Lesser Known Apps to Find Great Travel Deals in Europe


I’ll start with the obvious: traveling in Europe is costly. The high expenses for accommodation, transportation, and food can be a major hurdle. Without proper planning, you can quickly break your bank without even realizing it. That’s the mistake I made for the dozenth time before I realized it wasn’t sustainable. If I wanted to travel long-term, I needed to find ways to cut costs by mastering the art of traveling more for less.

Then, I found ideas for traveling on a budget, focusing on experiences, and spending less while traveling more. I realized that with proper planning, it is possible to achieve an affordable, enjoyable getaway in Europe. In fact, there are many ways to make it happen and many organizations to help us do so. I have used these hacks to travel to great destinations at very low costs. 

In this article, I’ll share the resources I use to find great travel deals in Europe and enjoy traveling without worrying about going over budget.

1. Get a Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Card for discounts

Students in Europe can apply for an ESN card from any of its local offices, which are located in different parts of Europe. You can get the card for just around 10 euros and enjoy various perks that come with it.

Through ESN card, you will get the following noteworthy benefits:

– Get a 10% discount on your flights with Ryanair, plus free 20 kg checked-in bags on four occasions (2 round-trips).

– Receive discount offers in many bars, restaurants, DHL, and a variety of other services. Check this offer map to explore the offers on your desired destinations.

While the ESN Card has numerous benefits, Ryanair tops my list. Buying 20 kg checked-in bags four times would itself cost you about 100 euros, so you can imagine how great a deal it is. Kudos to the ESN team.

Getting an ESN card

To get an ESN card, you can contact the ESN branch office that is most suitable for you. Once you receive the card with your unique card number, you can register your account on ESNcard.org to discover and receive the offers.

2. Check Urlaubstracker for travel offers

Urlaubstracker is an amazing website to follow if you constantly want to be on the lookout for travel ideas. The team behind Urlaubstracker researches destinations all over the world and provides us with unbelievable travel offers. “100 euros for 4 days in Greece, including a 3-star hotel and round-trip flight” is the kind of offer I’m talking about.

They research the flights, the hotels, and the best dates to book, along with the prices. After their research, all that’s left for us to do is buy the tickets and thank them for their efforts.

They are not a travel agency, but a blog that provides information. They update their website daily with exciting offers. The deals are of very high standard and affordable. I obsessively check their website to find inspiration for my future travels.

Link: Uralubstracker

3. Download NeoTaste for restaurant deals in Germany

When we travel, we try to save money by eating frugally, but often our hunger is not properly addressed. Then comes the guilt trip, and we end up visiting a restaurant to eat something filling (which we could’ve easily done in the first place). As a result, we end up spending way more than necessary. I’ve been there!

NeoTaste will solve this problem for you, at least in Germany. They provide offers and discounts on food at many restaurants throughout Germany. In Berlin alone, they have more than 1000 deals in different restaurants.

Imagine you and your friend are spending money on food in Berlin. The following could be your estimated cost:

Morning coffee (3*2 = 6 euros)
Lunch and drinks (15*2 = 30 euros)
Dinner and drinks (20*2 = 40 euros)

In total, you would spend 76 euros. If you are specific about reducing your travel expenses and not too particular about what and where you eat, NeoTaste is the app for you. With NeoTaste and its offers like “2 for 1 lunch menu”, “2 for 1 drinks”, and 10 euros discount on a 20 euros order, you could have reduced your expenses to almost half, to around 38 euros.

Currently, NeoTaste is offering a 6-month free trial to a limited number of new customers. Follow this link to open your account today and enjoy budget dining.

4. Check Mydealz for travel offers

Mydealz is a value-for-money shopping community in Germany where many people share various deals they find on the internet. It’s like a “one-stop-shop” website where people casually browse to see if they can find any good offers.

While some deals are really interesting, there will be many deals that are not useful and you have to be patient while browsing. Checking it once a week to quickly see if there’s anything new in the travel category would be a great idea to stay up-to-date. 

I guess it’s safe to say that some of the deals are too good to miss.

Link: Mydealz

5. Download TheFork for restaurant deals all over Europe

TheFork is a must-have app for anyone looking to dive into the diverse culinary scene of Europe. This app offers a variety of restaurant deals and discounts across multiple European countries. Whether you’re craving Italian pasta, French cuisine, or a local delicacy, TheFork has you covered.

With TheFork, you can enjoy:

– Discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off your total bill.

– Access to exclusive offers and time-limited deals.

– The convenience of browsing restaurants by location, cuisine, or rating.

– The ability to view menus and make reservations directly through the app.

Link: TheFork

6. Check cheap flight options at azair

Something I recently found; azair is a goldmine for finding affordable flights. Its straightforward design might take you back to the 2000s websites, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize it’s a powerful search engine that specializes in finding low-cost flight options to many destinations.

At azair, you can:

– Compare prices from numerous low-cost airlines.

– Discover flights to various destinations, even lesser-known ones.

– Set flexible dates and destinations to find the best deals.

– Utilize the search options to make the results align with your specific travel needs.

Link: azair

7. Explore Couchsurfing for accommodation

Couchsurfing is a unique platform that connects travelers with locals offering a place to stay for free. You can search for locals in the destination you’re traveling to and request them individually with your travel plans. When they agree, you’ve got yourself accommodation. While there is no money involved, it is nice to give gifts, buy dinner, or cook for your host during your stay.

Couchsurfing, in my experience, is much more than finding a free couch to crash on. You experience beautiful moments of cultural exchange, building friendships, and gaining perspectives.

If you’re unsure about staying at a stranger’s place, try using the hangout feature to connect with people for drinks or exploring the city. And slowly, you can get comfortable by listening to their Couchsurfing experiences and see if you want to try it out.

The app charges an annual subscription of 15 euros or a monthly subscription of 2 euros to join the community.

Link: Couchsurfing

8. Register at StudentBeans and Myunidays for travel deals

Registering at StudentBeans and Myunidays is the first thing you should do if you’re serious about saving money during your stay in Europe. Joining these platforms will unlock a treasure of exclusive discounts and deals. They partner with many travel companies that offer special rates on flights, accommodations, and travel experiences for students.

Both platforms are free to join and can significantly reduce travel costs, making them essential tools for student travelers. Once you login, you need to verify your student status by logging in through your university email, and then you’re ready to go.

Link: StudentBeans | Myunidays

Ask tips with people who travel regularly

Now, this might sound obvious, but it’s the most important tip. My friends, colleagues, and even strangers are the reason I know about all the above-mentioned ideas. We never know what to search for or how to find offers, but once you start listening to people’s experiences and how they’ve traveled, you’ll never want to pay the full price again.


I love traveling and I love writing about it. It's my sincere hope that through my content, you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your own travels. :)

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