How Travel Changes People: Insights from Fellow Travelers


Travel, a word that rings a bell, not like how the alarm clock rings in the morning, no Sir! It’s more like the way waters stream down a waterfall with a beautiful melody to the ears, how strangers in busy, hustling streets sing in a foreign tone, or how beer glasses clink in a foreign bar, shouting in unison, ‘Cheers!’ It’s a feeling that gets me up on depressive days, like I suddenly have something to daydream about.

Contrary to popular belief, travel is not only a vacation; it has the power to change your life! Every time you travel, it allows you to carve an additional circle of perspective in your life. I remember how each travel experience made me crave for more, with an unnegotiable sense of conviction that left me with no choice but to open myself to the world and how it changes me.

And it’s good to know that I’m not alone. There are thousands, no, millions of people who go through this every day. They want to see one more city, explore one new way of life, and eat one more food that they’ve never tasted before. And in all that process, they change.

I asked a simple question, ‘How has travel changed you?’ to some of my travel-loving friends. Let’s read the answers in their own words.

“Traveling has led me to look outside my country for ways I can grow and improve myself.  Especially coming from a big country like the USA, it teaches us to believe our size and influence hold the answers to the growth we seek to achieve. Self-confidence outside my comfort zone and keeping problems in perspective are two examples of how I’ve grown and become more balanced by traveling to different communities over the years.”

– Danny Waz (@plurfrontncenter)

“My first real travel adventure was going solo to Croatia, and it truly let me feel and remember every moment. It was like stepping into a world of freedom where my only focus was on exploring the life around me. I was completely absorbed in the local culture, and it felt like a break from all my usual worries. Traveling gives me the strength to face life’s challenges, and every trip ends with me bringing home not just memories, but also a new way of seeing things. For me, travel is more than just visiting new places; it’s about growing and learning with every journey.”

– Rekha Agali Virupaksha (@rekha_av)

“Traveling has made me see things differently, it has changed my perspectives.
I’ve met people from many places.
It’s definitely helped me become stronger when I’m in new places, gave me a different type of confidence and courage to figure out a lot.
It indeed made me want to keep exploring places”

– Jaipria (@_jaipria)

“Traveling has profoundly transformed me by pushing boundaries and connecting me with the world. It’s not just about exploring new places but also discovering my inner self. Each journey broadens my horizons, fostering adaptability and empathy. Travel has made me open-minded, and appreciative of diverse cultures. It’s a transformative journey, continually shaping me and fostering my personal growth.”

– Manpreet Pannu (@mannpreetpannu)

“Travel has taught me to be tolerant, patient and an art of acceptance. It also has taught me to appreciate the little things . We often are so busy in our daily lives, we forget to appreciate, with travel I treasure the beauty of things and accept those.”

– Nihal Katti (@nihal_katti)

“As someone who has just discovered the joy of travel and exploring new places, stepping outside my comfort zone and familiarity has cultivated a more open-minded perspective in me. Previously fixated on academic achievements, the newfound sense of exploration feels like a breath of fresh air that I have always longed for. I wish everyone who yearns for the same could have the means and opportunities to embark on similar journeys of self-discovery.”

– Tyson Patrick (@tyson.pais)

I have come to appreciate people, their cultures, their journeys, and I cannot thank travel enough for making me the person that I am. I’m curious to know: how has travel changed you?


I love traveling and I love writing about it. It's my sincere hope that through my content, you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your own travels. :)

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