Visa Free Countries for Nepalese Passport Holders

Every year, Henley passport Index ranks all the countries according to the strength of their passports. A passport’s strength is determined by the number of visa-free countries the passport holders have access to. In the latest report published in 2024, the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain share the number one position with the most visa-free access of 194 countries.

While the world is just a flight ticket away for most people, people from Nepal do not share the same fate. Ranked at 98th position alongside Libya and Palestinian Territory, Nepalese passport holders can only enjoy the visa-free access to 40 countries.

Though 40 is not a big number, travel is never measured in numbers. Immersing ourselves into the cultural richness of each country we visit is what makes travel so exciting.

So, let’s fasten the seatbelts and venture into the visa free countries for Nepal that maybe some of you will visit in 2024.

Visa free countries

The countries where the citizens of Nepal can visit without the need of obtaining any visa. However, it is essential to carry a valid passport.


Beautiful country in the Caribbean, it is my dream to visit Barbados and watch a cricket match one day.

Cook Islands




india visa free countries for nepal
Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

The richest country to visit for cultural immersion and all kinds of adventures. And when will I ever get tired of Idlis, Dosas, and Pav Bhajis?




A land so close to us but distanced by the media, I’m really looking forward to visiting Pakistan one day.


A country so rich in biodiversity, the Philippines attracted more than 5 million international tourists in 2023.


If you plan to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, you must visit Senegal to see the historic island of Gorée.


singapore skyline visa free countries for nepal
Singapore skyline. Photo by Kharl Anthony Paica on Unsplash

Singapore is a dream destination. Watching Crazy Rich Asians has got me lusting over this country for years.

St vincent and the grenadines

2024 might be the ideal year for many Nepalese to travel to this Caribbean island, as the Nepal cricket team will be playing two World Cup matches there.

The Gambia

Visa on arrival

In Visa on Arrival (VOA) countries, you need not acquire any visa prior to visiting the country. Once you land in the destination country, you will go through a small procedure to acquire a visa. The process commonly only requires you to prepare your documents such as passports, passport-size photographs, completed arrival and departure forms, and few other details. It is essential that you get familiar with the required documents beforehand.

Following are the countries that provide Visa on arrival for the Nepalese passport holders:


If not for great price clothing, one must also visit Bangladesh for the bustling streets of Dhaka, Chicken Korma, and lustrous Biryanis.




Famous for the magnificent Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia is a blend of historic grandeur and a rich, vibrant culture.

Cape verde Islands

Comoro Islands



egypt visa free countries for nepal
Photo by Omar Elsharawy on Unsplash

With its famous ancient Pyramids and the world’s longest river, the Nile, it is a must-visit destination.




Maldives is the most famous honeymoon destination for many newlyweds. Rightfully so, the surreal beauty it possesses is going to charm everyone. 





Palau Islands









Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) countries

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a simple process undertaken by the destination country for a general screening of the traveling individual. While it is a bit different than an e-Visa, it is a necessary step that needs to be completed before entering the country. A simple payment needs to be made to receive an ETA. It is essential that you research about obtaining an ETA for the respective country before planning your travel.

Following are the countries that requires an ETA for the Nepalese passport holders:


Soon evolving as one of the most important economies of Africa, Kenya is a wonderful tourism destination to visit. Going for a safari might be an item in the bucket list of many people.

Sri Lanka

Famously known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a brilliant tropical destination to visit for a relaxing vacation.

While these are only the most accessible destinations, there are lots of other countries we can travel to. We just have to plan and go through some boring paperworks. 

So, let’s get out and experience more of the world. Which of these foreign destinations are you planning to travel to this year?


I love traveling and I love writing about it. It's my sincere hope that through my content, you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your own travels. :)

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