8 Beautiful Places to See in Bavaria Germany : A Photo Story

beautiful places to see in bavaria germany konigssee

In my three years of living in Germany, I have come to understand that Germany is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Europe. It has vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and a perfect natural diversity that is nicely spread all over the country. Moreover, there are also many hidden gems that are yet to make it to your Instagram feed. One of those regions that can come close to comparing with Switzerland are the beautiful places to see in Bavaria, Germany.

I have been to Bavaria three times and I loved every part of my visits to this magical place. Some of my highlights include: trying to sneak up beautiful views from the train, getting awestruck by the beauty of amazing snow-capped mountains, hiking to see a glance of the Bavarian alps, and enjoying the serene atmosphere. As I am writing this blog post, I am already planning in my mind all the hiking trips I’ll be doing in the Bavarian Alps this summer.

Here, I would like to share with you eight places and pictures that I really love and would like to share with you to inspire your next trip to this beautiful southern part of Germany.

1. Hiking Landscapes

places to see in bavaria germany seealpe

June 17, 2022
Location: Hiking trail from Oberstdorf to Nebelhorn, just after Seealpe

On a scorching hot day in June, I made a spontaneous plan to hike to the top of Nebelhorn. With unsuitable shoes but a summiting spirit, I started my hike from the picturesque town of Oberstdorf. Midway through the hike, in just about 3 hours, I was shocked to see landscapes so majestic. Previously, I had only seen such landscapes after hiking to an altitude of at least 3000 meters above sea level.

On the way, I met two Austrian friends enjoying the refreshing tap water to combat the year’s sunniest day yet. Upon sharing quick hi’s and hello’s, they requested me to take their photos. While I tried my best to neutralize the Sun’s glare, I was sure nothing I took was good enough. Coincidentally, as they resumed their hike, they became subjects of this beautiful photograph I captured.

2. Wagenbrüchsee

places to see in bavaria germany wagenbruchsee

May 19, 2023
Location: Wagenbrüchsee

I don’t watch many travel vlogs. However, while planning my trip to Bavaria, I found myself meticulously researching to find places that would satisfy my craving for nature.

Wagenbrüchsee caught my eye. Reachable by a bus ride from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we made a plan to visit this place.

At the Garmisch-Partenkirchen bus stop, we could see people waiting in line and trying to force themselves onto the bus. “Perhaps it went to Eibsee”, I thought. However, I was surprised to see our bus was comparatively very empty, and we got comfortable seats. When we reached the lake, we saw that there were only two groups of people. The place was not as touristy as we had expected.

The lake was small, just enough water to call itself a lake. But the ambiance was mind-blowing. We found ourselves awed in disbelief in the presence of such stunning landscapes. Snow-capped mountains, trees, a lake, and small huts – a proper fairytale view. I took the picture, hoping if the picture would only capture 10% of what we had seen, I’d be glad.

3. Mittenwald

May 19, 2023
Location: Bäckerei Rieger in Mittenwald mit Selbstbedienungs-Cafe

At the bus stop of Wagenbrüchsee, we saw a bus going in the direction of the mountains, and the destination was Mittenwald. We were basically chasing the mountains at that point so we took the bus to Mittenwald. We refrained from googling the place; the name itself promised that it might be a peaceful, charming town.

And the promise was kept. Mittenwald was essentially a tiny town nestled in the stunning mountain ranges. Finding this small coffee shop with a view of the mountains was icing on the cake.

4. Bavarian Train rides

Left: March 31, 2024 / Right: May 20, 2023
Location: Train ride to Oberstdorf on RE 75 train line

Witnessing beautiful places like these brought up a mixture of emotions in me. While I was glad to be traveling to all these exciting places, I also missed the element of ‘home’ in them.

All the beautiful places I see,
I only wonder, why can they not be my place?
With my people, my friends, my walks, my stories—
Stories where I belong;
Stories where I’m home!

5. Oberstdorf

March 31, 2024

How do I even begin to write about this place? I visited Oberstdorf for the third time this year and I never seem to get enough. Especially in April / May, I find the town in perfect harmony of snow-capped mountains, greenery, and good weather.

Initially recommended to me by my lovely mentor, Oberstdorf quickly became the first place I think of when I’m making a trip to Bavaria. In addition to being a quaint picturesque town, there are tons of hiking trails in Oberstdorf, namely, Seealpe, Nebelhorn, Rubihorn, Gaisalpsee, and more. There is also a beautiful biking trail that offers a scenic solace and is frequented by many youngsters and families alike.

6. Königssee

beautiful places to see in bavaria germany konigssee
Beautiful view of Königssee after a small hike

June 16, 2022
Location: Königssee, Berchtesgaden

Königssee is hands down one of the most picturesque and iconic lakes in Germany that I have visited. The grandeur of this place is unmatched, as the emerald green water and the surrounding mountainous landscapes add a royal touch to it. You may also take a short hike to get an amazing view of the lake from above.

7. Nebelhorn

beautiful places to see in bavaria germany nebelhorn
What a dreamy view of the Alps.

June 17, 2022
Location: Slightly above the “Bergstation Höfatsblick”

It was 4:20 PM. I only needed an additional 15 minutes to reach the top. But, I had to stop my ascend. The last cable car of the day left at 4:30 PM. 

The descent consisted of steep hills with many small stones, which made the trail prone to falling and slipping. I was not wearing suitable hiking shoes, so I did not want to take any risk. Hence, for safety reasons, I had to give in and take the cable car. However, this view will always remind me of the great hiking possibilities in Germany and it will keep inspiring me to hike more.

8. Immenstadt im Allgäu

Photo by Oliver HD on Unsplash

March 30, 2024
Location: Großer Alpsee bei Immenstadt

On our train ride to Scheidegg in 2023, we saw a very large and wide lake through the train windows. As the train tilted to the right, it created an effect as if we were floating atop the lake. The train had just left Immenstadt, so we etched that name into our bucket list.

This year, we visited Immenstadt. As expected, the lake was immense. There was a good inflow of tourists, and the place had the kind of vibe you love to be in. Looking at the many activities the place offered, we knew that this would not be the last time we were visiting. We plan to return soon to slide on Germany’s longest Rodelbahn.

As I continue my journey to the captivating landscapes in Bavaria, I will keep updating this list with more beautiful places to see in Bavaria. I exhausted all my vocabulary to describe these amazing places in Bavaria. Next time I’m writing about Bavaria, I will make sure to load more words into my cannon. ; )

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